Adelante Dual Immersion Academy is located at 2999 Ridgemont Drive in San Jose, California. Adelante is an Alum Rock Union School District small school. The official school district web page for Adelante Academy is http://www.arusd.org/site/default.aspx?domainid=766.

This is the official Parent Web Site for Adelante Academy and is funded by a 4th grade family.

Franklin Collazo discusses Adelante Academy on Comcast Newsmakers. You may also view the video at http://youtu.be/Ae3YAdIFVhc.

Adelante holds high standards for our school community in the areas of: classroom instruction; parent involvement; 100% homework completion; appropriate student behavior; and a safe bully-free environment. These factors are critical to student success and everyone is held accountable to do their part. Adelante is a school of choice and parents who choose this school for

their child have

also chosen to be committed to these standards that make our school a very unique and special place.